These days, people spend a lot of time in their cars, whether we’re commuting to work, going out to eat, traveling to that hot vacation spot down south—the list goes on and on. Try as we might, there’s practically no way to keep the interior from getting dirty over time. Soft drinks get spilled, dirt accumulates on the carpets, weird smudges keep appearing on the insides of the windows. The car eventually starts looking like a disaster area. Luckily, the interior car detailing pros at Pro Detail can make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the lot.


  • Total Interior Vacuum
  • Total Interior Sanitize, Scrub & Steam Cleaning
  • Total Overhead Cleaning including  Visors
  • Dash, Console, Door Panels Sanitized,        
  • Wiped Down and Dressed
  • Seats Steam Cleaned and Shampooed 
  • Carpet Shampooed and Extracted
  • Door Frames Wiped Down and Cleaned
  • Seat Frames, Floor Brackets, Hooks and 
  •  Handles  Sanitized and Wiped Clean
  • Trunk Cleaned, Sanitized, Vacuumed.   
  • Door and Trunk Frames Wiped Down
  • Windows Cleaned
  • Air Freshener